We take over your remote project management needs and help you successfully launch your products.

Signature Remote Project Management Approach

Define Project Scope


Poor Project Scope definition is the first cause of remote project failure.

The first mission of the remote project manager is to define and document the project scope.

When the project scope is approved, the next steps are to create the project plan, and commit to project delivery deadlines.

Empower for Achievement


Our remote project managers build structure in your team, create working habits, discipline, as well as trust and confidence.

We use the most suitable standards and processes, lessons learnt and remote project management tools for your business.

We empower your remote project team. This is our key ingredient to make the project teams focus on project delivery.

Product Launch


Our main goal is to have your project DELIVER a functional product or service.
We deliver results above everything else.
How? We prioritise the projects activities so we can deliver a fully functional solution first and then we can start fine-tune it to improve the client experience. We use the time and team efforts wisely and we focus the entire team energy to excel.


Our Online Project Management Strengths

Scope Management

Stakeholders Management

Quality Management

Team Management

Time Management

Risk Management

We are award-winning project managers available remotely.

We are expert project managers. We are here to handle your project management needs. And help your projects meet your goals.

Meet our CEO Anca, the dreamer who puts "Ideas on the Highway"

Anca's been working on projects for over a decade. She has worked all around the world, except Antarctica. Anca has a special appetite to project manage trouble projects. Every year she turns many failed projects into success stories.

When she's not fixing standstill projects, she is managing innovative projects which sometimes turn out to become world benchmarks. Anca's project management approach made was recognised by IPMA as being in the top league in international project management.

Anca's project manager profile:

  • Biggest project management consultancy success: Judges Commendation for Youth Project Manager of the Year Award 2014
  • Biggest project management failure: "Lima diferente", a project which never got to see the day light.
  • Next remote project management success: it can be your project. schedule a call to find it out.
  • 66+ countries she's been managing remote projects from.
    • Anca is passionate about a world without borders. In fact, currently she is working on a project to bring closer the professionals from all over the world.

      Outside the professional project management life, Anca's traveling, surfing, hiking, flies her drone. At the same time, she brainstorms new Ideas to put them on the Highway.


For whom are our Remote Project Management Services Suitable?

    • You plan your expansion and you want to make sure you grow sustainable.
    • You own a small or medium size business. You work with enterprise clients and need to bring standardisation in their processes
    • Entrepreneurs who have a big remote project running and need professional project management help
    • Your projects don’t seem to come to a completion
    • Your are looking for a location independent project manager
    • Your project scope is not clearly documented
    • Your remote projects face scope creep or missed deadlines or there are no clear deadlines for your projects
    • Your business is growing quickly, and you need expert remote project management help to lead your projects.
    • Your company has grown. You have shifted from taking on a handful of projects a year to numerous larger and more complex projects.
    • You want to add additional services or restructure the services that you currently offer.
    • You took on or plan to take on a new or unusual project that requires more management capacity.
    • You have been struggling to find a process, system, and/or software that fit the business project needs.
    • Your project has 6+ figure budget

Why Trust Us with Your Remote Project Management?

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  • 100+ successfully completed projects.
  • Certified project managers: PMP and Scrum Master
  • Internationally awarded project managers
  • 2427558 lessons learnt in managing projects.
  • We managed projects in a lot of industries: IT, oil & gas, marketing, food, education
  • We have done all sorts of projects: reorganisational, digital marketing, processes optimisation, roadmap, standardisation
  • Our experience with IT projects: enterprise solutions, web portals, mobile apps

Our services аrе еnѕurеd bу оur Trust Pоliсу

Trust Policy

Mutual truѕt iѕ a kеу tо оur buѕinеѕѕ. Wе have a truѕt роliсу with аll оur сliеntѕ which means wе offer you our ѕеrviсе fоr thе first mоnth уоu to рау us. If уоu are satisfied with our wоrk аnd уоu are hарру with the results and you саn сhооѕе to соntinuе to wоrking with us.

Wе сhаrgе frоm thе 2nd month оf working with uѕ if you are satisfied with our achievements.