Remote Project Management for Service Based Business

A high performing business has VISION, STANDARDS and PROCESSES.

We help your business go to the next level.

The REMOTE PROJECT MANAGER is for your Service Based Business if:

  • You want to standardise their client roadmap
  • Set Goals and KPIs for your services
  • Define a clear process for your team
  • Implement organisational habits for your team
  • You want to find time to focus on business development
  • You want to uncover capacity to serve more clients and scale up by using your existing resource
What is this project about?

Remote Project Manager for your Business:

3 months long service optimisation project

We'll define the key success aspects of your business

The results are owned by your team and led by our project manager


How it works


Starting from your business vision we'll define for each service of your business and together with your team: deliverables, actions (tasks with internal processes), roles and responsibilities, goals, KPIs, metrics, service performance evaluation.


Effort tracking and reporting with the purpose of identifying where the effort is spent and what are the actions that drain most of the team effort. Tool: Selection, configuration for each team member so it brings value to the day to day use.

Build Habits

Building habits is a key success factor for any service based business. How we do that? Stand-up calls, Reporting, Follow the defined standards Improve the standards Recording all the actions on a tool.


How the framework project started:

Remote Project Manager for your Service Based Business

We use to have a lot of client requests saying: I need an expert project manager to manage your day to day operations of my growing business. We started the projects, finished them and at a certain point we started to see patterns and best practices which were working for most of the service based companies.

Together with the team we started to put together a framework all the services optimisation best practices and this is how Service Optimisation Project Framework for Service Based Businesses started.

Until now we've been helping dozens of businesses just like yours to become structured and we know exactly what you need to do to run your business more efficiently.

We work with you on the following:

  • We help you identify your long term vision and then define and set together with you your company-wide goals
  • We build structured habits in every role's workflow and systematise the overall business
  • We help the team to be self organised and self sufficient before the end of the program

Are you a visionary business leader who is looking for a project manager to help organise the service based business?

What project management deliverables will your growing business receive at the end of the service optimisation project?

  • Full detailed portfolio with actions, deliverables, KPIs, Metrics for all your services
  • Full structured library for your documents
  • Your working tools configured so they are useful for you
  • Standardised internal processes for your business

Our services are ensured by our Trust Policy

Trust Policy

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Wе сhаrgе frоm thе 2nd month оf working with uѕ if you are satisfied with our achievements.